Friday, 19 February 2016

Digital Immersion - Day 2

Today was the second day of Digital Immersion, where all the MDTA students spent the day at the University of Auckland Tamaki Campus up-skilling ourselves through digital learning and teaching.

We focused on Sheets and Forms from the Google Apps series.
As I had some prior experience using Microsoft Excel, I was very familiar with Google Sheets.

If you are new to sheets, here are some helpful videos to help guide you -
links to Youtube help videos for Google Sheets

We also played around the Google Forms, creating and sending each other forms to complete. Dorothy created one about Rugby which she then used to model how to automatically mark the answers - see here.

As a MDTA Cohort, it was helpful to see realistic school-based uses for the Forms and Sheets.
These can be viewed through scanning this QR code

To finish off, we did another reflection. 
Here is my initial reflective drawing 

And here is the link to our collaborated MDTA reflections.

I enjoyed revisiting old knowledge about Excel/Sheets that I learnt many moons ago, it was nice to experience for myself that 'aha' and 'ohhhhh yeah' moments that we search for in our students.

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