Thursday 25 February 2016

Feedback in the digital age

I can't image how much effort it would have been for a mentor teacher to give feedback on a regular basis on so many different aspects of their BT's teaching life. In the digital age, as lucky as we are to be in, it is sooooo easy! 
Today I completed the planning for next week on my own, rather than doing it with my mentor. It was a bit daunting, as I had to find/make and use templates appropriate for the purpose, find resources, link into so many different places and then link all that into the google site for the students to see, but I did it! (and now that the setting up part is done, next week will be easier!). 
Archana was busy at the time, but has already given me feedback on it. A simple comment on the side of our weekly plan gives me immediate feedback and feed forward.
It is quick for my mentor, quick for me to read and quick for me to respond to... and it can't be lost like a feedback piece of paper! 

Thanks Archana for the great mentorship! I love having same-day feedback and feedforward :) 


  1. It is a great attempt Ashley! I know that planning in the beginning is not easy and I appreciate your efforts.
    Each time you plan and teach you will find for yourself how to improve on your tasks and how to plan more effectively.

  2. Thanks Archana! It makes everything so much easier to have someone there supporting you and giving you feedback. I find it also makes a difference when the person giving you the feedback knows you well, so can give you very specific goals/feedback/feedforward and be honest in a way that they know won't hurt your feelings or anything. This definitely fits in with building a positive learning community! :)


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