Monday, 8 February 2016

First week of school done!
Officially, I am a teacher. I have my children, my class. Its real! 
And what an awesome week it was as well, I had a lot of fun with my class and my mentor Archana. They are a bunch of really awesome kids, yes, some have very hard home lives (and very complicated home lives), but they are just amazing. I feel so lucky. 

We are setting up our routines, expectations, habits etc, explaining things as we go along. 
Below is a photo of my class meditating! And after the first few minutes of awkward giggling, they got really into it and are excited to meditate everyday after lunch. 

I hope this reflects our year together. Yes, maybe a bit awkward at times as we get used to each other, but awesome, relaxing, positive and good for the soul.

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