Friday, 11 March 2016

Digital Immersion (day 5)

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Today we talked a lot about using Google Sites for effective practice, and how in creating your Site we are determining access to learning for students and their families.

We discussed the ten top principles for effective web design -

  1. Usability and the utility
  2. Obvious and self-explanatory
  3. Remove all barriers - no access denied or sign up required
  4. Focus users attention - visual cues, carefully chosen text
  5. 3 Clicks ( or 1-2-3-done-steps)
  6. Effective writing
  7. Simplicity - Clean
  8. Embrace White Space - not crowded
  9. Conventions are our friends - consistent layout, icons, Home button etc
  10. Test early, Test often.  Check using Incognito or Safari

We then critically analysed some sites provided to us, for their;
  1. learner engagement
  2. Whanau access (including language used)
  3. use of multimodal learning

Our end goal is to create our own site where we can use the best of all we learnt. 
Just for today though, we discussed, critically analysed and sourced resources for our chosen current event.
Here is my slide from our slideshow -

We then will use this planning to create and share our current events site next week!

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