Friday, 8 April 2016

Digital Immersion (day 9)

Today we began making our sites that we will use for teaching and learning in Term 2.

Here is my site.

It is built around our inquiry topic for term 2, which is

Reading for leisure, writing for pleasure

I played around a lot with this site, trying to get things where I wanted them to sit and creating the supporting HTML for my design. Over the past two weeks we have revised a lot of the things we learnt about HTML, especially the use of tables to hold content. My Inquiry site is made entirely using HTML formatting (rather than WYSIWYG formatting) which is quite an accomplishment for me. It is very helpful to refine my skills by creating different layouts, changing/merging cells in invisible tables, set theme colours, fonts and styles to override the automatic formatting.

Not to say I am an expert, certainly not. This page I literally scraped and started again, four or five times. It was difficult to get the page to do what I had in my head (diagonally downwards, L to R) using HTML. In the end, I discovered the best way to do it was to have invisible cells either side of each piece of content, and change the width of those cells to make each one sit either hard left, center, or hard right accordingly. I got there in the end, but no small feat!

I'd love to see what you think of this site.
Constructive criticism welcome! 
(Remember that this is made for my own learners, who are 6-9 years old and who are very new to using technology for learning)

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