Friday 13 May 2016

Growth Mindsets

Today one of my students really surprised me, in both a good and a bad way.
My students were using the TOPS model to plan for their narrative writing. 
This is this particular students planning - 

Maui and the goddess of fire

Who? Maui , Mauiś grandmother , servants and Maui´s mother.
When`? Night
Where? Mahuika and Bali Mauiś Village
What happens?Maui goes to get some fire
Why ? Because they ran out of fire.
Mauiś mum told to him don't play tricks on your grandmother or she will get very fiery.
Each time when maui got a finger nail of fire he kept and flicking it into the water.
Because he flicked them the village had no fire.

Maui escaped  from his Grandmother's house.

I commented digitally on his Google Doc, and his reply made me speechless. 

He replied "Miss that's not supporting my [growth] mindset."

Some background story - towards the end of Term 1, I talked to my class about growth mindsets and asked them to point out to myself and my co-teacher if we give them feedback that doesn't support their growth mindset, to make it a joint venture and share the accountability. Feedback that supports a growth mindset focuses on the learning process and what the outcome shows the child has done or can do, rather than valuing the outcome itself. This student was right; my comment 'awesome use of keywords' was not supporting a growth mindset, as it didn't discuss the learning process itself. 

I didn't think they would actually do it.. but this student did. 

I was slightly embarrassed to be called out like that by one of my students, but in his defence, I did ask him to..

So, another example of successful building of class culture. What will be next...

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