Tuesday 7 June 2016

Toolkit - Teacher Dashboard

After school today I went to a digital toolkit, organised by Manaiakalani. I chose to go to the one about teacher Dashboard, as I am new to it and don't know the in's and out's of it just yet, only basic functions. 

The main purpose of the toolkit was to learn how to create groups within a learning area, then send that group of students a particular piece of work.

I created a screencast video to explain the process.

The guy running the toolkit explained to me that it worked best for teachers whose students had Ipads, and didn't work on Google Drive (mostly students under 8). This is because most Chromebook classes also use Google Sites, so students are able to go to the site to access the learning, and make copies of any relevant documents they might need. Although that is true, and it might seem like double-dipping information, I will find this useful as some of my learners, particularly in the lower reading group, find it difficult to navigate the syndicate site and find what they are required to find. They don't quite understand the mechanics of Google Drive enough to understand what effect their actions have. These students usually end up with 5 different versions of the document, as all they know is 'file make a copy', but they make so many copies they get confused and don't know which one they are actually working on.

I think I will try this method with that particular group, and see if it helps them be able to find their learning tasks easier (as it is already in their drive, they don't need to go and find it). 

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