Monday 1 August 2016

Digital Immersion Day #1 (Term 3)

Today, as the first week of Term 3, transitioned into the 'SHARE' part of the Manaiakalani pedagogy. 
We talked a lot about how we share, the purpose of sharing our learning and where/who/how we share. We used padlet to record some ways that we share in our classes.

We discussed having an authentic audience for students. We then looked into creating Sketch-notes as  a form of sharing, so decided to share about sharing. Sketch-noting is a form of visual note-taking, that is more focused on recording key points using text, images and different structures. 

Here is an explanation

And a example I found

Here is my sketchnote - 

I used the app Explain Everything [EE] on one of my school Ipads, one because I wanted to learn how to use it, and 2 because the school security settings wouldn't let me download any new apps (fair enough!)

I spent a long time just playing around with EE, just learning how to use it, what buttons do what, how to undo mistakes, change colours etc etc. It was a learning curve! 
Here is what I created just as a way to play with EE and organise my thoughts. 

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