Friday 5 August 2016

Digital Immersion (Term 3, Week 2)

For this weeks Digital Immersion, the MDTA's are joining the other first year teachers within the Manaiakalani teachers at Panmure Bridge School. We first discussed....

Connecting with each other: WWW of Manaiakalani Goals
How can I see the Manaiakalani goals in my school/classroom/teaching?
What is working?
What isn't working?
What do I need help with?

Including Sharing begins with us - how do we Share
Dorothy then asked us, in our school groups, to discuss how we share our personal, social and professional lives, and the boundaries between these.
Screenshot from
Our group, mostly made up of first year Tamaki Primary School teachers, discussed that we don't actually know what our school policy is around teachers sharing information publically, or about sharing personal information about themselves.

Teaching as Inquiry Speed Dating
Next we took turns discussing our teaching as inquiry projects throughout the 35 people in attendance today, in a speed-dating type format.
Then we each recorded our reflections on this slideshow. 

(Note that this slideshow belongs to Dorothy Burt)

Learn Content: Woolf Fisher Research on Summer Learning Journey
After morning tea, we discussed the research done into Manaiakalani schools by Rachel Williams. 
There was some stunning results...

She found that the 'summer drop off' was HUGE (the red line) when students did not actively learn or practice their previous learning over the holidays. The blue line was students who participated in Rachel's research, a summer-long activity based around reading, writing and blogging. 

This youtube clip explains it in a very concise way.

This supports the Manaiakalani statement that our students turn up to school at 5 years old, with the knowledge and skills of a 3 year old, and EVERY year, EACH student needs to make one and a half years progress in one school year, in an attempt to catch up.

Implications for sharing in our classes and schools
Dorothy asked us to share our ideas onto a Padlet (below) as to how, why, what we should be sharing with our learners based on the 'summer drop'.
Here is what we came up with...

However, if we want students to work independently online, we need to prepare them to do this.
Screenshot from slides owned by Dorothy Burt
Finally, we viewed our own blogs as an avenue of sharing. 
Learn: Exploring Infographics - Building Knowledge
Here is mine

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