Wednesday 31 August 2016

Science Week - HUMAN BODY! (Wednesday)

Today we kept reading and learning about the human body. 
As the kids were begging to learn about kidneys yesterday (I know right?!), we started with kidneys and the bladder. 

Archana and I took a group each to read through with and discuss. As it randomly happened, Archana's group was all boys and mine all girls. 
With my group, we discussed how the kidneys produce urine which then goes into the bladder, which then comes out the vagina (yes, we used that word!). Not one of the kids laughed or even smirked at the word vagina or the idea of peeing, they were so mature about all, it was so surprising. Archana told me later in the day she had a similar in-depth conversation with the boys about their privates and how they pee and were equally mature about it. It's stuff like this that makes me forget they are only 7 or 8 years old! I have the best kids!

Again, they went away and documented the new words and the function of each organ. 

Over the next couple hours, both Archana and I took small groups and taught them about the lungs and the liver as well. The kids worked throughout the day to record their learning.

We learnt soooo many new words again today - check out our running total!

The other thing we did today was begin colouring in our organs. Our last two goals for the week were to build a model of the body, and use it to explain the organs' functions. To do this, we needed to colour in organs, laminate them, cut them, write the organs function on them and then arrange them on a body. Lots of work to do!

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