Tuesday 2 August 2016

Taking a Toolkit - Eeeek!

This term, as we are under the 'share' branch of the Manaiakalani Pedagogy, the MDTA's were asked to take a toolkit. A toolkit is a Professional Development [PD] session based around a particular objective, skill, event (etc) that teachers within the cluster can sign up for and attend. 

I was honestly so nervous to be asked to do this, but lucky I have wonderful supportive people around me who are always ready to help. At a syndicate meeting, the Manaiakalani facilitator at my school, Maryanne, was discussing the toolkit she was planning to present about the film festival/how to make movies, so I asked if I could join her, and of course, she said yes!

I was so relieved to be able to do my first toolkit with somebody who had experience and confidence in doing them, rather than having to fumble through nervously on my own.. I have always found it so difficult to present and be in front of people in this way.

Maryanne was amazing as always, and prepared the resources for the toolkit - 

Note - This Google Drawing can also be viewed here

She made an entire video with some of the seniors students to use for the toolkit - 

When it came time to actually present the toolkit, I felt so nervous and shy. Maryanne stayed confident as she talked through the presentation and after a little while I was able to pull from her confidence and share some thoughts and ideas as well. 

Everyone discussing our ideas for the Manaiakalanai Film Festival

Even though she will hate me for saying this, Maryanne did all the planning for this toolkit and I was more of an assistant than an equal partner, I still think was the best way I could have been introduced to toolkits, doing one together with someone I know and trust. It was definitely a modelling situation and I learnt so much just from being a part of the process.
I now feel more confident and prepared to present a toolkit on my own next time! 

Thank you so much Maryanne!

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