Friday, 21 October 2016

Digital Immersion (Term 4, Week 2)

Today is the term 4 Digital Immersion PLG. This is when all the first year teachers to Manaiakalani come together for digital immersion, and the MDTA join them.

Today we are starting with talking about how our students learn..
We first talked about it..
Then Dorothy and Fiona created word clouds with our ideas.

All of this feeds into the idea that all students learn best, in different ways. This doesn't mean that every single student needs individualised content which best meets their preference. That's just not feasible. However it does mean, that teachers should include aspects of different learning styles into their planning to consider these students. 

And hence...
Multi-modal sites!
These are Google Sites designed to have different types of content on them - videos, pictures, things to read, things to do, etc, all based around one general topic, idea or theme.

Why do this?
Not everyone learns the same, in the same way. We are limiting students by forcing them to learn in one particular way, and show their learning in one particular way. 

Keep in mind that 'texts' does not mean a book! 
Texts can be comic strips, video clips, a written text online or in a book, etc.


I played around with sites and tried to remember everything I have learnt (back in April/May).

Click here to view this page.

It was very helpful for me to help two teachers from my school who have no experience with Google Sites as I had to explain/show/etc which cemented my own learning.


  1. Wow Ashley, I'm always impressed by the detail in your blogposts! Great insights from you in this post - I will be keen to see more of your teaching examples using multi-modal tools :)

  2. A great summary of the value of multi modal sites, Ashley! I agree that today was a good chance to jog our memory on the HTML tips we learnt in the beginning of the year :) I look forward to seeing all the resources you create for your learners next year!


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