Friday, 16 December 2016

Learning Shift 2016

This year has been huge for me, with so many things going on, but the main reason I am even here is for my kids. 
I have spent a lot of time helping Archana with our senior syndicate data, creating graphs and comparisons. 

Together we have made a huge shift with our students. 
Here is the 2016 data for my class.

Year 4 Reading
Well Below71%0.00%-70.59%
For the non-teachers reading this, these statistics are related to National Standards [NS] for year 4. 
As you can see, 0% of our class were at the NS or above it at the beginning of the year. Not one kid.. But not, about than 2/3 of our class are at or above the NS. These students have moved from Well below (note the 71% of our class who were here in March). This is a HUGE shift for our kids.

Year 4 Writing
Well Below47%8.70%-38.36%
Our writing data is very consistent - you can almost track the students who moved from Well Below (March) to Below (Nov), or from Below (March) to At (Nov), or from At (March) to Above (Nov). We have made very good shifts in writing. 

Year 4 Maths
Well Below0%8.70%8.70%
Again for any non-teacher readers, this Well Below goes from 0% to 8.70%. This may seem like a child went backwards, when in fact they just didn't move at all. The marker for NS changes from March to November (as they should have learnt some stuff between these months!) so this child essentially stayed at the same level of achievement instead of moving with it, hence moving from below to well below. The rest of our class did great in maths. 82% of our class was Below (March) and at the end of the year only 17% were. 

Overall this data shows huge shifts in all learning areas.
The main area I personally felt that I want to focus a bit more attention on was moving the At and Above kids even higher.
A lot of emphasis gets placed on Below and Well Below students, and getting them to the norm, and this has been achieved in our class (mostly).
However some of my highest students were always the ones helping others, and did not get as much attention and targeted teaching as the very low students, hence they stayed where they were instead of moving as high as possible.
Other teachers have found a similar thing in their data, so this is a something we have discussed and we already have some ideas about how we can achieve shift for these students as well as the target students.

I am very proud of how hard my students have worked and how much they have shifted. I know I gave planning/teaching my everything this year and I am proud of myself as well.

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