Friday 20 January 2017

Summer School (Friday)

Today we did activities that were designed to scaffold us through our assignments for this course.

Firstly, we collated a list of Thought Leaders, then made a blog log. These lead into our assignment, in which we have to critically analyse education blogs from around the world. Next, we were each 'interviewed' for an imaginary job in which blogging was a major component. We had to describe things we had done in our digital practice to support learners in learning, our view on blogging, how we would introduce blogging into a new school and how we would approach teaching the staff about the benefits of blogging.
If you know me well, you know I am terrified of public speaking. I might seem like I'm fine and maybe even good at it, but on the inside I'm shaking and crying.

We also looked at the ethical guidelines for our dissertations that all the MDTAs are doing this term. We have a meeting next week with the university big-shots who will approve or deny our ethical applications (which you NEED in order to do your research). It's a pretty big deal.

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