Friday 3 March 2017

Spiral of Inquiry update

This week we have been learning how to subtract decimals, including tenths-tenths, tenths-hundredths, whole numbers-decimals.

Monday - whole class materials introduction.
Tuesday - practice for those who didn't get it (they volunteered to come down if they thought they didn't get it!)
Wednesday - whole class decimals (writing Q on board, students answer in book and explain their thinking aloud)
Thursday - basic facts tests in stages
Friday - filming with target students/small group

Overall, the whole class found it much harder to subtract decimals than they found it to add them, even though they are using the same rules (exchanging through 10, etc). I didn't quite expect that, considering how quickly they understood the place value of decimals and how to add decimals.

I do think because we have been doing it for three weeks already, they are a bit bored of decimals and want a change in their maths (hence why I did basic facts on Thursday). 

The target students, as with everyone else, struggled with subtraction. All of the target students were in the volunteer 'I don't get it' group on Tuesday. I take this as a win, because at least they are self-aware and recognised they didn't understand it, and by coming down for a second session, were able to demonstrate to me that they WANTED to learn it.

I have videoed a session with three of the target students (the others being away today, argh!).
These three do the most speaking in the video, as they are the target students. The other two students did answer and fully participate, I just edited out their parts as the focus was the target students.

I would love to see what you think of my quick run-through of how I run my decimals lessons.
(There are obviously chunks missing/edited out, or times when I show one example of a particular thing (e.g. addition on whiteboards) when in reality we did 5, just to make the video shorter).

Here is the observation run sheet (plan) for this lesson.

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