Friday, 21 April 2017

GAFE Summit (Auckland, April 2017)

Although it is the school holidays, I have endeavoured to continue challenging myself professionally and attend the GAFE Summit.  GAFE is a HUGE part of what my life as a teacher involves, and also where I see myself in some kind of leadership role in the near future (hopefully!). 

As well as attending sessions, I also presented at this conference as well.
I was very nervous and a little thrown by technical difficulties at the beginning (i.e. can't connect through HDMI, get an adapter, computer wont recognise its plugged in, borrow somebody else's Chromebook, strained internet), but I carried on and the presentation went well. 
I definitely think I will only get better and more confident each time I try to present, so I will persevere! 

Click here to read through my notes from this conference.
Check out photos from the summit here.


  1. Congratulations on presenting Ashley, am sure it went well! Great example of determination to share with your kids when you're back at school!

    1. Thank you!
      My kids didn't really grasp the concept of a conference but they were impressed none the less lol.

  2. Go you for presenting! How did you find it? I hope you feel a little more confident public speaking now, as you have heaps to offer. I know you explore blogging, but what did the session focus on? How did the attendees respond? Looking forward to seeing you present in the future.

    1. It was scary at first but once I got going I was fine (as I knew I would be). I presented my blogging life-hacks toolkit that I also did in term 1.
      They were good, I had about 5-8 people who were really active in asking questions (etc) and others just sat there which was fine.
      Thanks for your support, you were so kind! It was nice having people there who knew me and understood how I was feeling.


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