Thursday 8 June 2017

Anne's observation (Term 2, 2017)

I had my observation with Anne (MDTA Supervisor) yesterday. I no longer stress about observations (after having so many last year lol), so was very happy to see Anne and have her hang out in my class for a couple hours.

You can read her full feedback here.

I felt it was a successful lesson and I was proud to show Anne that my kids knew how to debate (following protocol), but also that they could work together without much T direction. They ran their own discussions with me just suggesting things, rather than 100% directing them. 

Here are some snippets from Anne's feedback that I will take with me into the day ahead.

I came into classroom to see the roll running itself, being managed by the class, in Samoan. This was followed by their karakia and then they were ready for the day.

You scaffolded them with the kind of words, which would draw the reader into their argument and believe the strength of the argument.

Collecting their netbooks from the cupboard was quickly and efficiently done by the learners. You put a lot of the responsibility back on the learners encouraging them to be more self managing.

Providing the template for the learners to follow was a good scaffold and helped them to organise their thinking and ideas. You sat with the less capable group and helped to clarify their thinking and gave them immediate feedback from their writing.

The class work really well in a very relaxed manner and there is a sense of enjoyment in the class. You have a very malleable class, with only a couple to challenges, so you can get a lot of work accomplished. There were really thoughtful ideas being promulgated amongst the groups and they helped each other by sharing their work.

A very productive morning Ashley and you worked so hard to be inclusive for all the levels in the class. You have given such a commitment to those who are struggling and it is taking up a lot of your time so hope the IEP and RTLB can help you with those children. Thank you for sharing your class with me and allowing me to contribute ideas. They are a great bunch of students and obviously love you to bits. Relationships, more interest and enjoyment of learning and confidence to help with achievement success was Graeme Aitken’s recipe, and you are following this, so good luck! Your Blog posts are a joy to read and show a teacher who is excited with what she is doing, happy to share her ideas and working well to meet the requirements for registration. The toolkits and professional development you are doing for others, is greatly appreciated, as your skills increase weekly. Well done Ashley - love your work!


  1. Ashley this was a super lesson, as I commented on your doc. You are providing wonderful opportunities for your learners and it is a pleasure to see you and the class succeed.

    1. Thank you for your support and encouragement Dorothy. Looking forward to our catch up in week 10!


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