Monday 31 July 2017

PD: 3d printer training with RICOH

Monday 31st July 2017

What applications are there for 3d printing?
- making replacement parts for toys etc.
- human application: robotics and prosthetic

How does it work?
- what materials does it use? (we are using PLA)
- people are starting to use composite materials (PLA/iron, PLA/

- you can scan objects to get a digital image (different machine than we have...)
- get designs from online (thingyverse)
- design it yourself

When you have your STL file...
- go into Makerbot
- change settings - infill, resolution, shells, raft, support

Settings for makerbot + (the model we have)
build volume - 10.1Lx 12.6Wx 12.6H cm
Material - PLA
Spool size - 0.2kg
Smart extruder +
Connectivity - USB and Wi-Fi

Key vocabulary
- print in place
- STL (the format you save your digital format in) - stereolithography
- raft

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