Monday 18 September 2017

Animal presentations

For week 7 and 8 for reading/inquiry, we focused on animals as we had a trip to the zoo in week 8. 

Students worked in buddies (their choice) and started with a given text (here), then had to use Google to help answer any other questions they had. They had a lot of tasks to complete about their animals as well. 
I was surprised how engaged they were in these tasks, and how quickly they were able to get information from the non-fiction text (something they hated last term, but I have made them read all term so they can get better at it). 

All the groups completed the tasks. 
In week 8 I demonstrated a good presentation and set the expectation for the content and delivery of said presentation. They worked away at their presentations for only two days, including making a Kahoot for the first time.

Here are their presentations.

Note - the student I am helping has been in New Zealand for about 2 months and arrived with no English. I was amazed he had the confidence to read out loud, in English, in front of heaps of people. He has made huge progress.

I was so proud of all my students, as they got up and presented to a crowd (they didn't know they would have) in an order they didn't know ( I was calling them randomly) and not one person got scared, got stage fright etc. They were just amazing.

I was especially proud of my achieving learners who don't usually have the confidence to speak in front of the class, but this time they did, they used big voices and had informed presentations with detailed facts about their animals.

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  1. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for blogging your students' presentations. They are just amazing. I was particularly impressed the way Paula and Sosaia have researched and presented about penguins. It is great to see these two boys more and more engaged and taking pride in their learning. As a teacher you have given these students an authentic task to work on. Speaking to an audience is a skill and teachers need to provide opportunities for students to learn these skills. Through this lesson you have not only taught them the key competencies but also the linked your ' Animal study' topic to other areas of the curriculum. Well done Ashley!


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