Monday 20 November 2017

Writing PD - Jude Parkes

"Teaching approaches to motivate and engage writers" - Years 1-8

Gift the vocab.

Different types of writing
  • Modelled writing
  • Shared writing
  • Guided writing
  • interactive writing
  • language experience
  • Innovations on text
  • skill focused mini-lessons
  • collaborative writing
  • joint construction of text
  • paired writing
  • peer writing
  • writing prjoects
  • independent writing
  • quick writes

To think about...
What is the writing process at TPS? Is there a common language across the school?
What is the point of having 'planning' if you aren't modelling it? If you don't model it, they won't do it. That is a disservice to the students.
Do they have personal goals? Have I asked them what they find hard/tricky in writing? What have I done to support them with that?
Do students know and understand the purpose of writing?
Do they know and understand when they are writing across curriculum (writing during inquiry?).
Am I giving feedback, feedforward or both?

Repetition with variety.

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