Thursday 8 February 2018

CoL teachers meeting - 2/8/18

What is CoL?

CoL stands for Community of Learning. Manaiakalani has essentially been a CoL since it began, which was before CoLs even existed. With this 'head start' (of years of collaboration), Manaiakalani were ready to take on CoL leaders and immediately get into inquiries.

What is a CoL leader?

CoL leaders are people within and across schools who, with the support from their principals and BOTs, do in-depth inquiries into a particular area of their own practice. Manaiakalani has 6 CoL goals and 23 CoL leaders. Details about these goals and the leaders can be found here. The other aspect of the CoL leader is to feed back to their school information from the cluster and be a sort of go-to person within their school for support and help.

Why are we here? What is our purpose?

“Recognising and spreading sophisticated pedagogical practice across our community
so that students learn in better and more powerful ways.."

Essentially - we are here make learning better for students through professional high level inquiries. 

Our inquiries should-
- agree with CoL goals and school charters
- Address persistent learning challenges
- Develop teacher knowledge
- Transfer researched approaches into practice in classroom
- Improve instruction
- Tailor approaches to need
- Evaluate the effect of changes

Our inquires will be supported by the Wolf Fisher Research Centre at the Univeristy of Auckland.
To help them help us, we need to:

  • Address an important, persistent learning challenge (from the Manaiakalani six
  • Build your own knowledge around this challenge.
  • Identify clear, research informed changes to practice likely to address the challeng
  • Collect detailed evidence about changes to the teaching
  • Collect detailed evidence about how students engaged with the changed teachin
  • Gather data about effects on student learning

We will also be collecting regular evidence through our blogs using the following inquiry framework, and blog labels.

These are the Manaiakalani CoL labels.

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