Thursday 22 February 2018

Kicking off my CoL! #CoLweeklyupdate (T1W42018)

This week I really wanted to put effort into starting my CoL inquiry, and the best place to start from is where I currently am. 
Here is my first #CoLweeklyupdate.

Next steps for me are to:
- Research (read: do academic reading about) Autism and ADHD
- Observe a colleague who teaches writing effectively at level 1 of the curriculum
- gather evidence (both observational and academic data)
- meet with Donna


  1. You are my inspiration Miss Ashley! Good on you for pushing yourself to be the best teacher you can be, especially for the kids that need it the most. I am interested to hear how you help your learners with additional needs while in a mainstream class, as I could use these in my own classroom.

    1. Thank you Chelsea! As I said there are additional needs kids in every class everywhere, so we all need to help each other out and do the best that we can. :)

  2. Great up date Ashley! I would be very keen to see how you push these students. I totally agree that student who are special needs but in the mainstream class need extra attention depending on their needs.

  3. Ka mau te wehi Miss Ashley!! I agree with Chelsea on how you're being inspirational in this space! I am doing a similar inquiry with some of my learners so will be following your journey with interest! Look forward to the next update!


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