Thursday, 19 April 2018

UoA New Associate Teacher training

Today I went to a training meeting at the University of Auckland about how to be a good associate teacher. I'm excited to be getting a student teacher this term!

My notes - 
The most important stuff to do with your student teacher
1.    read the brief
2.    modelling and explaining by thinking aloud – making the implicit explicit. Explaining how you got that to happen (e.g. routines)

How will you ensure that your own planning clearly reflects children’s different learning needs (academic, personal and social)?
·      Meeting with SENCO/principal to discuss how children’s needs are met
·      Discussing IBP/IEPs, why they are necessary
How will you provide evidence of and access to,  your longer and shorter term planning?
·      Sharing docs with them (view only)/photocopies.
What evidence of differentiated planning (groups and individuals) will you practice/demonstrate for your student teacher?
·      Getting students to change the tumble/group box – explaining why you are changing it and what is informing your decision making
·      Modelling the think aloud of your decision making process for your student teacher (e.g. I want you to move to the front of the mat because…)
·      Explaining – this is why I am doing this, this is how it connects to my planning and assessments etc.
How will you share aspects of your planning and preparation for teaching and learning with your student teaching?
·      Think alouds.
When will you discuss the planning process with your student teacher?
·      Giving them a timeline – 24hrs, a week beforehand etc. Make sure you check in.
·      Show them BT planning so they know how detailed it should be.
·      Be tough.
·      Follow school expectations.
What is your understanding of the key elements that should be evident in effective teaching practice?
How will you help your student teacher develop effective teacher practice?
How will the student teacher know that their teaching has been effective?
·      Did the kids learn anything?
·      If they didn’t and it was a unsuccessful lesson, can they themselves say how to make it better?
How will you promote and support your student teacher in planning, teaching and assessment (across a range of learning areas) with individual, multiple groups and whole class situations?
·      Do the basics first – get to know the teacher, get to know the kids before jumping into planning/teacher. However there might not be time for them…
·      SHOW them how to do assessments, even if it’s not in your schedule. Explain the purpose of it, why your school does that certain assessment and what happens with the data. Show them how it connects to the curriculum, long term planning etc.
·      Discuss if you have ability groups or mixed groups and WHY.
·      Learn how to group effectively for ability groups. Get good at that before going to mixed grouping etc.
·      Show them how to make an OTJ.
·      Any reflection should cause a change in practice. ‘Why am I behaving in this way’, ‘What is the impact’, ‘What can I change’.

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