Thursday 3 May 2018

CoL meeting 3 May 2018

Equity and Access for Capital building citizenship.

Learn ready kids become employment ready young people.

Link to Russell's slideshow.

Students need to be able to do level 3-ish learning to be able to fully participate in society/workforce.

Learn ready kids, become explain ready learners, become employment ready young people.

Goal for Manaiakalani - be the schools of choice.

Dr Jannie Van Hees - Language in abundance.

Language is the critical tool that we use as the elevated species. It allowed them to make meanings of life. 

Oral literacy is not just about talking aloud. It's more than that. 
Print brings forward more complex vocabulary, grammar and ideas. 

Kids have great brains, and its our job to make acquisition possible. 
(Potential is there, are we making learning possible?)

Optimal language learning

Q+A  of prior knowledge is not sufficient. It needs to be connected to something they already know/do and add to that. 
Our job is gifting language to the children. That's what made us smart - being gifted language.

Architecture not archeology. 

Core 4 -

1. optimising learning and interactional conditions
We don't want the kids to feel that school is pleasing the teacher and doing what they are told. 
Shifting from unidirectional to a collaborative community.

how much extracting are we doing vs how much gifting? Should be 40-60/

Say to children
Catch what you can
Read and think
Think and talk

2. Elaborative style pedagogical responses
3. Scaffolding learners to become effective conversationalists
4. PPP - planning preparing providing language acquisition potential


Link to slideshow

Be very clear about what you are doing differently and how its going.
Keep the spectrum of view quite wide, or you might miss other things that are happening.

Collect data often, and in a reasonable way that can be reliably
- deliberate check points
- small notes on small things
- student voice

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