Friday, 20 July 2018

DMIC PD - 20th July 2018

Communication and Participation Framework

Introducing the five practices

Academically productive talk: supporting students' learning in mathematics

Things Room 7 is doing well

  • individual responsibility and assigning roles within groups. Everyone helps or takes turns to explain their thinking and answer questions.
  • mixed groups mostly work well, students make new friends and collaborate actively.
  • launching the problem - talking about the problem, talk about ways to solve, then getting the pen when they agree on one way to solve.
  • everyone is trying to participate - even very low students who maybe don't fully understand the explanation ask questions so they participate in some way..

Things for Room 7 to work on 

  • have students examine their explanation, predict the questions they will be asked and prepare explanations - accepting that only sharing the first bit of their explanation is still a explanation even if they don't get to the answer.
  • asking questions because you actually need to know the answer, not for the sake of it.
  • explaining section by section and stopping at each question to ask audience if they have questions.
  • teacher questioning - not giving answering the question within the question. not helping too much.
When writing questions
  • Students need to be exposed to all structures of questions E.g. 
    • 5+?=12
    • 12-5=?
    • ?+5=12
    • 12-7=?

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