Friday 31 August 2018

Learning Difference Workshop - The University of Auckland - Part 3

Developmental dyspraxia & sensory processing
by Emma Ratcliff from Kidz Therapy.

Developmental coordination disorder = dyspraxia.
It’s about organisation and coordination, not just letters/numbers.

Dyspraxis is about - Idea of what it is I need to do, planning to do something, and execution of that plan.

Children with dyspraxia can hop, skip, and jump separately when asked. But if you ask them to hop, skip and jump one after the other straight away, they might not get it right or do it in the right order. Things they could do yesterday, they can’t do today. They can struggle to transfer skills or knowledge to new areas or join them together.

In the brain, the neurons don’t stay connected as they would in a non-dyzbraxic brain. That’s why kids can do something one day, and not the next. The best way to make the connection stick and grow is to be happy – the chemicals behind being happy anyway.
It’s like having to learn how to drive the car, EVERY TIME THEY GET IN. The brain doesn’t remember what to do.
Therefore, everything is hard, no matter how many times they have done that task.

 This shows as...

How can we give these children a positive learning experience, without being too soft on them?­­

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