Friday, 28 September 2018

CoL Update (Term 3, Week 10)

This week was our Ako Evening, where students get to share what they have learnt throughout the term. Our inquiry was around natural disasters.

Each student in the class (additional needs or not..) is expected to make something ("create") to share on the night. 

Kian and Paul immediately formed groups with their classmates and began creating. Ryan chose to work on his own, but still completed his creation. 

Then on the day, the had to present to their classmates/teachers, and after school, to their families. 

Ryan presenting the tsunami artwork to our DP. 

Paul and some of his group members showing their volcano.

Kian and his buddies tsunami.

Paul presenting to his schoolmates.

Paul presenting Kian's work to a teacher (Yes, he presented SOMEBODY ELSE'S work, just because he wanted to/could, and did a great job of it too!). 

Ryan presenting the artwork to some junior students.

Ryan then decided it was too noisy inside and wanted to be the greeter. Fair enough!

Again, Paul presenting a 3rd 'creation' (he didn't make this, but presented it with confidence to our guests). 

It was SO AWESOME to see all 3 boys get involved in the learning and sharing. I was very impressed that Ryan identified it was getting too much for him, and came up with his own solution as to how he could be involved, but remove himself a little. Managing self anyone?
Kian completed his work and presented it with pride to his family member that came in the afternoon. He could explain his tsunami, what causes them etc in his own words with confidence. 
Paul and his group made their volcano and could present it. What blew me away was that Paul presented at least 3 other groups creations to guests. He knew the information in his head and had the confidence to just walk over and start talking about tsunamis/volcanoes/earthquakes/etc. He definitely is participating and contributing! 

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