Thursday 13 September 2018

Cynthia Greenleaf PD - Argumentation vs. persuasion

Link to evidence/reasoning about slides 11 and 12.

Link to group norms about discussions, and refining those norms.

Thinks to think about...
- layering - there was a picture on slide 11 and a text on slide 12. Did using both of these allow people to feel they had enough to go from?
- there is a difference between argumentation and persuasion
- if you are trying argumentation and students don't have anything to share, consider the resources that were given and if they were enough for students to access the situation.
- before starting the activity, Cynthia told us to "pay attention to something somebody else said that made you think" - that was there is no pressure to say something you thought of, but you still have a voice.
- consider how you are asking students to discuss (i.e. padlet is anonymous, this is both a good and bad thing).
- give students sentence starters (where is your evidence for that, did you consider, did anyone notice that)

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