Wednesday 14 November 2018

CoL Inquiry 2018 - takeaways for teachers

Here is some 'takeaways for teachers' that have emerged from my CoL Inquiry from 2018. 
Please keep in mind that my Inquiry focused on 3 specific students. 
Any comments about Autism, what worked/didn't work were specific to my 3 students and may or may not work for your lovelies.

Also this is not about key competency development - that depends on the individual child and their needs. I can only advise you to focus first on the key competencies, and develop the holistic child, rather than only trying to raise their achievement levels.
This is more about what I tried and what worked/didn't work for my additional needs students that I focused my inquiry on.

Would love to hear some feedback in the comments! 
(What else would you like to know? Does anything need further elaboration?)

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  1. Ashley, what a great idea to share your learning as 'takeaways'. As I was reading I couldn't help but think of Innovative Learning Environments and how these tip bits may make all the difference for students learning in larger shared spaces. Thank you so much for sharing this is such a valuable resource I know I will be trying some of these.


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