Thursday 8 November 2018

Manaiakalani Writing Moderation - 8th November 2018

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Things to consider while marking...
How do I mark a script that seems off topic?
The topic outlined on the prompt (for example, ‘being a good friend’) is intended as a springboard for writing, rather than a tightly defined focus. Take this into account when scoring the ‘ideas’ element: ideas can be loosely related to the topic and still be considered relevant.

How do I mark a script that seems to be off purpose?
The purpose for the writing (to explain, persuade, narrate, describe or recount) is the focus of the ‘structure and language’ element. It is not the focus of any other element. If the student has been asked to describe a photograph of two dogs playing on the beach, but actually narrates a story about a dog, this will be reflected in the category score for ‘structure and language’.

Our moderation of a given text.


Should there be a R0 for the rubric?
Yes, for -
Ideas - 0
S/L - 1 (no, because R1 says 'or absent' which means R0).
Org - 0
Vocab - 0
S/S - 0
Punct - 1 (no, because R1 says 'little or no punctuation' which means R0).
Spelling - 0

- if there are ALL 1's, they should go into E-asttle.
- if there are any number of 0's, they should go into the year 1-3 Manaiakalani spreadsheet.

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