Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Sorting, brainstorming, collecting

For our inquiry unit, we have been learning about environment/animals/evolution etc. 
This week we introduced habitats. The kids knew the word from different journal articles they had read, and knew it meant 'home'.

When I asked them what kinds of habitats they knew about, they easily came up with some ideas. They didn't know a lot about each one, which animals lived where and why.

I had some printed pictures of different habitats ready and we did a bus stop activity where students moved from paper to paper, with time to write down any ideas they had about each one. 

The things they wrote were describing words (e.g. colours, shapes they could see), animals they thought lived there or anything else they knew about it. 
After they had shared all their ideas, I assigned one habitat per group and they used Google to help them get more specific words to use.

Later in the week we are going to use these brainstorms to create poetry about habitats.
Next week, we are going to make dioramas of a chosen habitat, and again these brainstorms will be used to help the kids make it rich and realistic. 

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