Saturday 31 August 2019

PB4L Conference - Keynote - Sonja MacFarlane

Dr Sonja Lee Macfarlane Associate Professor, University of Canterbury Positive education for learning: Te pikinga ake o te mātauranga
The phrase ‘positive behaviour for learning’ conjures up notions of happiness, success, fun, and wellbeing – all of which are the types of educational experiences and outcomes that families want for their children. As the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, many Māori would argue that education settings must create learning cultures that foster these positive notions, and not be bereft of the cultural values that resonate for Māori. Māori children come into this world adorned with gifts and potential; qualities that are handed down to them by their ancestors. It is incumbent upon adults who are responsible for their care to provide contexts for engagement and learning that enable a strong sense of self-worth, belonging and identity to flourish. It is argued that education settings must reflect the notion that everyone belongs, everyone has a place, everyone has a voice, everyone has aspirations, and everyone can contribute. This requires educators to minimise and/or remove any potential and actual barriers that might obstruct this vision so that positive behaviour, and a positive sense of self are able to flourish. This presentation will explore notions of ‘positive education for learning’ from a kaupapa Māori position.

Masons 3 goals

  • to live as Maori
  • to actively participate as citizens of the world
  • To enjoy good health and a high standard a living
Pastoral care is so important. 

Look up - 
Ministry of Education Wellbeing guidelines - green book - need to review as a school. 
 - te huia grid by Sonja

Think about how are we implementing ToW principles (partnership etc) in everyday school culture?

Sonja shared her new frameworks..


find later 
 - te huia grid
poutama #1 (He poutama tino rangatiratanga) - what it might look like
poutama #2 - what it might feel like
poutama #3 - 

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