Saturday 31 August 2019

PB4L Conference - Workshop 1 "Classroom Problem Solving: The initial step in the tier two process"

When data indicates that students need more than Tier 1 supports, the next step involves teachers supporting teachers through the classroom problem solving process. This work is primarily done through Classroom Practices Teams where teachers collaborate to address low level problem behaviour by: analysing data, examining their own practice, striving to understand the reasons for problem behaviour, and identifying strategies for changing it. This workshop will unpack the main aspects of the Classroom Practices Team’s role, including how they can co-construct simple functional behaviour support plans, and explore the materials available to support this process. FACILITATORS: Marcus Gough and Wendy Morgan, School-Wide Practitioners

How this works in schools
1) classroom teachers identify issues based on their own data, complete FBA form and bring to team meeting. including strengths and interests of children - 2 minutes max
2) Discuss the replacement behaviour - 1 minute max
3) Team members suggest strategies  - 4 minutes max - Teacher who is having this problem behaviour, stop talking and listen, write everything down. This is so they can't be dismissive/negative about the suggestions. 
4) Monitor and following up - 2 minutes max. Teacher selects one of the strategies they are willing to try. Follow up at the next meeting how that strategy went. Team leader/pb4l coach check in during this interim period, maybe suggest something else. 

In the book - teacher behaviour self-assessment. 
page 106 in the school-wide tier 2 implementation manual.

teachers need to reflect on their own practise. sometimes they can actually be causing bad behaviour.

"teaching for positive behaviour" booklet - 

Tier 1 - strategies for managing minor and major behaviour.

ask practitioner for sorting cards/strategy cards. 

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  1. Fantastic notes Ashley - I will be sharing your insights to my PB4L Cluster


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