Monday, 2 September 2019

PB4L Conference - Takeaways

For teachers/readers of this blog, I understand that reading notes from a conference when you weren't there, usually makes absolutely no sense at all. So here are a few things you can take away and use straight away, without any context..
  1. Read this article about anxiety in children. It is a real, on-going issue with serious consequences for children that affect them daily. We should all be conscious of childhood anxiety and depression. See my notes about it here. 
  2. Sparklers  - pre-made activities to help facilitate social and emotional development of children "Sparklers is a free wellbeing toolkit full of fun and simple activities to help tamariki learn about their own mental health and wellbeing. Sparklers actively teaches tamariki how to manage big emotions, draw upon their strengths, connect with others and be ready for learning."
  3. I didn't get this link from this conference, but I still have the tab open and its awesome, so will share it anyway. Really cool digital art activities.
  4. This image and its explanation are probably the most fundamental mind-shift from this conference. Read more here.


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