Friday, 26 February 2016

(Digital Immersion day 3) Google Certified Teacher Level 1

Today is the day 3 of Digital Immersion and we are sitting the Google Exam (Level 1).
It is a end product for the Fundamentals course we did throughout summer and over the past few weeks.
Concentration at its finest - Photo credit to Anne Sinclair
The exam consists of 20 multi-choice/drag and drop type questions, then 11 scenarios. In each scenario, there are multiple tasks you have to complete. These scenarios take you through all different aspects of the Google for Education tools, including forms, sheets, calendar, docs, emails, classroom, etc. Even though I completed the Fundamentals course, I still learnt things for the first time as the exam walks you through step by step what it wants you to demonstrate.

Here is my certificate and the badge I can now add to my blog, emails etc.


  1. Congratulations Ashley! You have made such a strong start to this programme. I hope you are feeling good that you have this under your belt and now you can use the tools to innovate and create learning opportunities.

  2. Thank you Dorothy! I definitely have learnt a lot and am more comfortable using digital tools now that I have completed the Level 1 Google Certification. I recommend it to all teachers.

  3. Wow! I have written about it as well. Sure it was a very inspiring PLD.


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