Friday 4 March 2016

Digital Immersion (day 4)

Today we talked a lot about Google Sites, and touched on other background things such as writing HTML and embedding outsider gadgets.

As I use a ready-made syndicate site at school, and my PRT site was made from a template, I have not made a site from scratch before. It may seem a bit bland to make a 'sandpit' site, one designed purely for someone to play around it, for hours, but it afforded me a lot of learning opportunities.

I now know how to create a site, change all of its settings, layout and design features, turn particular features on/off, add content from many sources and then 'bling' it up (aka making it pretty).
It will be awesome to create on I can use for my learners, as I can design it in such a way that makes sense to myself and my learners.

I also learnt a little bit about how to read, write, edit and embed HTML code.
Here is a little Youtube explanation of what HTML is.

Note: this Youtube video is inserted into this blog post using HTML! 

We played around with inputting resources from different sources into a Google Site, and shared these with each other. 


  1. Good for you making the most of your opportunity to learn this important set of skills. When I read this post I was amazed by how much learning you did today. Well done.

    1. Thanks Dorothy! I surprised myself by catching onto the HTML bit, and Youtube supported my learning (after class) as well in this instance. Still got a lot to learn :)


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