Friday 11 March 2016

Learning to create or creating to learn?

This week we have started serious work using our netbooks and introduced our student blogs
At Digital Immersion (day 5)  we talked about the difference between learning to create, and creating to learn. And yes, there is a difference. 
Learning to create - where learning is the process and the 'creation' is the final outcome. 
Creating to learn - where creating is the process and learning is the final outcome.

Which is better? Is one better than the other? Why or why not?

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That made me think about my learners and their blogs. This week, I have been trying to teach them about their netbooks. I felt they need to gain the knowledge and skills about how to use their netbooks before they can use them in-depth for learning. However, they actually are sort of picking most things up a long the way all by themselves. They may not know the names of the different parts of their netbooks, but they are figuring out how to use them...

So... am I teaching them to learn how to create, or teaching them to create to learn?
Which should I be doing? Why is that one better?
Or should I be doing a mixture of the two... Explicitly telling them things they probably won't discover on their own, but also letting them figure out for themselves what they can..

What do you think?

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