Monday, 13 June 2016

Archana's site #part 2

Today I sat with Archana and we worked on her site. She had gone away and created a google drawing of what she wanted her homepage to look like. We embedded the drawing, then I showed her three different ways to hyperlink her pages to her buttons. 
1. hyperlinking the text e.g. read my reflective blog
2. hyperlinking the image itself 
3. inserting a text box with no border over top of what you want to hyperlink, and linking to that. 

To do this, we had to also create each page - maths/writing/reading/science. This is also included in the video.

The next things we are going to put into her site are 
-an automatic slideshow above the page buttons
-creating the 'pretty' heading (Archana's teaching titbits)

As you can also see, Archana is getting much more confident using Quicktime to create screencasts. We are both using them as evidence of our professional teaching and learning. 

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