Friday, 8 July 2016

Digital Immersion #20

Today I used my 'wild card' and skipped the Digital Immersion day - to join my class on a trip!
We went to the Pumphouse Theatre in Takapuna to watch the stage show of Badjelly the Witch (based on the book by Spike Milligan).  We chose this trip as our inquiry unit was 'Reading for pleasure, writing for leisure'. 

It was a great show!
Class photo by the lake

My wonderful class walking down to the theatre.

TPS filling up the theatre.

A junior student hugging Lucy the cow!

Meeting the actors!

Archana and myself on the bus ride back.

When we got back, we had lunch and then whole class assembly. As it was Maori language week, we learnt a poi dance/song and made headbands using Maori patterns. 
Check them out!

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  1. Hi Miss Ashley,

    Here are some of the things that our class has to say about your post...

    "It was fun to have you on the trip with us." Says Mojtaba
    "It is a good memory" says Milan
    "It was great to have both our teacher with us on the trip" says Rawiri
    "It was the best last day of the Term ever" says Joshua
    "it is great to see the poi dance video on the blog" says Alyssa
    " It was amazing to see the real characters" says Hope T

    "It is certainly awesome to have you on our class trip Ashley! I hope you are able to join in a few more with us." says Archana


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