Friday, 9 September 2016

Digital Immersion (Term 3, Week 7)

This morning we reflected on how we were going with our Manaiakalani Film Festival Movies that we are making, which are due for submission next week. We were given the day last week to film these, and the day today to edit them.

Before we began editing, we connected with Manaiakalani pedagogy and talked about ubiquitous learning.  The whole idea behind this is that learning is not contained within the confines of the school walls anymore - learning is not a 9-3 thing. If we truly had ubiquitous learning, students would be able to be learning anytime, anywhere, at any pace. 

To do this, teachers need to have set up systems so that students know what they are learning and how they are to access it. 

We were asked to reflect on how we as individual teachers are doing this, or maybe not doing this..?
I thought... I don't really do this at all?
I don't give students homework apart from something to read, they aren't allowed to take their netbooks home so they can't work on their in-class work (most of my students don't have a computer at home, or internet, or both), and there isn't any after school learning programmes happening either.

This is food for thought for next year.. What can I do to encourage my students to be learning outside of school hours?

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  1. I like your reflection Ashley - I was thinking the same thing. When the students don't have access to devices or the internet it can be difficult though! We should have a chat and see what we can do to push our learners to be learning outside their four walls.


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