Friday 7 October 2016

Breakout #6 - uLearn16

Leading in a collaborative space.
Matt Kennedy and Jaime Power.

Three key points -
1. Leading - understanding of self and others
2. Leading - effective practice
3. Leading - change

Leading in a collaborative space is high risk -
-parents reluctant to change -

it depends if you consider single-cell classrooms to be the status-quo, that causes you to think MLE is the different thing.

1. Leading - understanding of self and others
  • A tool can be a helpful catalyst for these conversations (doesn’t have to be overly in depth)
  • Co-constructed and reviewed with teachers
  • Make use of current research to inform the debate
  • Live the shared understand and hod each other accountable
  • Co-constructed vision with success criteria
  • filter for decisions made
  • Be explicit with staff about the importance of understanding themselves and each other.
  • Create expectations and opportunities for staff to discuss different personalities and the impact on collaboration. 

By Sally Hogshead
Creating an Awareness of little traits about the people you work with, and using that information to build up your team. For example, if you find out someone is quite introverted, in a meeting you should offer them time to say something because they might not feel comfortable saying things and interupting for themselves. They might have something very valuable to say.

Not just for fun - building relationships.
Distributive heirachy.

2. Leading - effective practice

It is important to value the aspirations of people NOT in leadership, so when it is time for them to beome leaders they are ready for it. Schools need strong leaders in management, but they still need strong leaders in the classroom as well. 

Non-leaders having a say in what effective leadership looks like at school - great idea! 
Having a school-built leadership rubric so all leaders have next steps. 
Don't just say stuff like "go and get to know your team" - leaders need to model to other leaders. Provide tools to accomplish those tasks.

3. Leading - change

-Provocative question - can all your staff, including teachers aids, the office lady etc, explain/show in under 5 minutes your school vision?
-Your school vision should not be a statement - not a question - it should be a story of how you are going to move forward TOGETHER.
-Agree with your staff what is appropriate - best practice that is decided by ALL the team, not just the leader. It makes everyone accountable. If something happens, it is then not a 'growling' but a discussion about the agreed values of the team.

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