Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Breakout One - Ulearn 2016

My first breakout is called Assessing Deep Learning.
This was what the bookings sheet described it as ..

"Deep Learning is the key focus of an international collaboration led by Michael Fullan, involving clusters and networks of schools working together to build knowledge and practices that develop deep learning and foster whole system change.
In this workshop participants will be introduced to the measures being used to evaluate the deep learning in this programme, and experience how these are applied in a practical way to form judgements about the learning that is occurring."

My thoughts and reflections...
Deep learning is about an emotional connection and understanding to learning. Not surface learning, like being taught language features and the structure of how to write instructional texts, not that.. Deep learning is about taking that surface learning, that anyone could approach, and making it personal so those emotional connections can be made..

Check out this padlet for everybody's thoughts on what Deep Learning is. Next, we discussed what deep learning would look like, sound like and feel like for a learner using a Y chart.

Great moment where somebody said "are we talking about deep learning of CONTENT, or deep learning for ourselves?" - (me in my head: YAAAAAAAAAASS FINALLY!)

Students need experiences that teach them that...
I have a voice.
I can make a difference.
I should make a difference.
I will make a difference.
(It is all about self-empowerment)

When students are taught in this way, "[they] become a force for social change" - Derek Wenmoth.
It prepares students for later in their lives, when they should be ready and able to challenge the status quo, challenge norms and be empowered to make informed decisions.
Here are some photos taken by my colleague Kaveeta at the end of the session about how Deep Learning can be assessed. 


  1. I love the "are we talking about deep learning of CONTENT, or deep learning for ourselves"! I honestly have this thought so often, and honestly think the latter is more important! I am looking forward to reading more about your uLearn experience :)

    1. I totally agree! Sometimes we give content too much time in the day, and forget that there is a human being in here that we need to love and grow! <3


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