Thursday 6 October 2016

Ulearn Keynote #2 - Michael Fullan

This mornings keynote speaker is Michael Fullan.
Michael Fullan is well known for his ideas about Deep Learning.

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He has three key points..
Humans are innately wired to connect, wired to create and wired to help humanity.

From the moment we are born, we connect with our parents and those around us, wether we realise it or not. So how does our school system encourage us in these? Well, mostly, it doesn't.. So how can we change our education system?

Michael believes that to change our system, we need to focus on these three things..
New Pedagogy Partnership -

Six key things, called 'the 6 C's', that define what kinds of students we should be producing in the new education system.

Key Competencies in NZC align with these 6 C's.

Negative Alignments
-don't obsess with targets/assessments
-system culture (promising success)

Positive Alignments
-capacity building
-breakthrough leadership - respect and reject the status quo, be an expert and an apprentice at the same time, experiment and commit.

Another thing to consider when you think about changing education, is social media. In todays world social media is everywhere and almost everyone is on it. It is hugely powerful.
-it is ubiquitous
-it weakens hierarchies
-distribution and concentrated connection is the new power.
-the young are the most connected and least committed to the status quo
-humans, especially the young, find helping humanity to be an intrinsic value
-the above conditions cause learners to outrun leaders and researchers
-the job of leaders is to help leaders run better (as students are now running ahead of us)
-the job of education is to produce better citizens for tomorrow, today - it is an agent of change.

In the future, we don't need lots of good leaders. We need good citizens, and the leadership will be embedded in them. 

10 ways to die in deep learning.
1. if you haven't experienced deep or powerful learning yourself
2. if you are unwilling to reimagine the grammar of schooling
3. if you don't respect your students in the present as opposed to the future
4. if you don't give students some choice
5.if you don't live by 'less is more'
6. if you aren't willing to admit you don't know the answer
7. if you don't normalise failure and create opportunities for revision and improvement
8. if you don't help students feel like they belong in class or in your domain
9. if you aren't willing to set the world a little askew.
10. if you don't realise that creating deep learning is a countercultural experiences.

Don't change your ways to fit the framework. Make the framework fit what you want to do.

I found these sketchnote online, which were made for a different conference, but still reflect the key ideas Michael presented today.

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