Thursday, 19 January 2017

Summer School (Thursday)

Activity #1
"Purpose: select one key learning theory, which has been covered over the last three days, and create a quick rap to explain it"

Read our new lyrics here.

Activity #3
"Purpose: To identify and apply the key pedagogical ideas in the TPACK model"


5. Knowledge (knowing how to integrate technology successfully for learning purposes)

6. (refers to the 'stuff' that must be taught)

7. (knowing how best to teach a particular piece of content for a particular group or person)
8. (an understanding and awareness of a particular thing or skill)
9. (knowing how to best use technology and content together)
10. (knowing how to teach)
1. (how teachers teach)
2. (the basis of effective teaching with technology, requiring an understanding of the representation of concepts using technologies; )
3. (knowing what to teach)
4. (knowing how technology can change teaching and learning)

Activity #4

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