Friday, 10 March 2017

Anne's observation (Term 1, Week 6)

This morning I had my observation with Anne, the MDTA supervisor. I am so used to be observed now that I kind of forgot she was there (which is a good thing promise, it means I'm not scared!). 

Firstly we had our discussion about the journal articles we had read that week, and then we moved onto our activity which was sorting out our rubbish. I had asked the cleaner of our school not to throw out the rubbish from the upstairs classes (year 4-8) on Thursday afternoon, so that my class could sort it out on Friday morning. She even gave me a box of gloves!

We sorted it out, discussed, gave ideas for how to fix the problem of having too much rubbish etc, and the students did their create lesson. In my opinion it was an okay lesson - nothing amazing. 

Here is Anne's feedback. 

And here are some snippets which I particularly liked.

"You continually made connections - referring to a picture and probing and digging deeply into the text and pictures."

" The discussion was very lively and was full of energy, which you then ledvinto the core of the lesson, which was about rubbish in our school."

"Good to see the consistency you have with the learners and their behaviour."

"You have a good understanding of individuals in the class and keep on top of their behaviour and needs. After the experiment the discussion garnered all the ideas of what you could do to disseminate their ideas to the whole school to create more awareness of how to improve our environment and keep our school clean.  Good to give them choice about what they were going to do to advertise their cause. They self selected in groups or pairs or individuals and chose the idea from the board. Great to see them getting on with the task so enthusiastically and  excitedly. Putting the pressure on them with a time limit also good to keep the pace up and get them going.  "

During lunchtime, Anne came back and we had our discussion about how my year was going, especially since I am in my own class. It was a great opportunity to reflect on what I thought I had done well, things I had identified for myself as things to continue working on etc. Details about these can be read in the document linked above.

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