Tuesday, 27 March 2018

PB4L meeting!

It was really interesting to see our whole-school data for this year so far.
Things we discussed
- we have more incidents per day compared to 2017, but we believe this is not actually reflective of more incidents this year, rather that teachers are better at recording the incidents when they happen.
- time of day - middle block, lunchtime and after lunch were the times when most things happen. We talked about a carry-on effect, where if something happened in the middle block, it would carry into lunch and then into the last block.
- location - some of the locations were not relevant to our school or not specific enough.
- the most common type of incident was various descriptions of kids being annoying (talking, not listening to the teacher, distracting others etc). This happens in the classroom.

We reflected that behaviour management in the classroom was our biggest issue. If that can be corrected, there might be less issues at lunch as well.

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