Friday 11 May 2018

CoL update (Term 1, Week 2)

This week I met with Donna at the CoL meeting and we reviewed a Google Drawing I had made to try and get my head around what I'm doing..

What I was trying to do...

After Donna's advice, what I am now trying to do...

The focus has shifted from learning AND key comptenecy, to using the key competency to improve learning outcomes. Which of course, is what the CoL statement says, but I obviously didn't understand it fully. That's okay.. we live and learn.

Ryan - managing self

This week I introduced a visual timetable for Ryan, hoping it would help him be able to manage his own learning better if he didn't want to do what the class was doing, when the class was doing it. He could manipulate the timetable. I don't know how effective it was, because after he made it up in the morning, he didn't look at it all day. I will keep it handy if he wants to use it, or I feel he might need it again, but I don't want to force him to use it if he doesn't want to or doesn't need it.
Ryan's visual timetable and teepee

Kian  - managing self / Paul - relating to others/participating and contributing
Kian and Paul are both loving their reading learning at the moment. With the word identification game, I am quite impressed at how they are able to connect back to where they know the word from (E.g. oh from Koro and Nanny, oh from space, oh after Monday). Paul is getting more and more confident participating in DMIC maths groups, which are mixed ability. At the moment he is mostly with his friends (which to be fair, is a mixed ability group) but I am noticing he relies on them to answer for him, rather than being an active group member and sharing his own ideas. I think next week I will make him be in a group with people who aren't his good friends and see if it helps him come out of his shell any.

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