Wednesday, 25 July 2018

CoL update (Term 2, Week 9)

Ryan - managing self

One of the things Ryan is working on (as stated in his IEP) is him writing more consistently. Rather than writing 2 pages once a fortnight, his goal is to write 3 times a week, aiming for at least 2 paragraphs.
This week he has achieved that goal. They are all different topics, but were relevant to what he was doing that day.

Story 1 - the magicians elephant
"There was a nice, accurate 11 year old boy that was named Peter in a small village called Ansvill.
The small boy walked a long way when suddenly he stopped at a bright rose red tent.
The little boy said .“Should I go inside”the boy said.

Then he walked slowly across to the tent.He stared at everyone, he looked lonely, shy, afraid and nervous. Peter was terrified and shy to go in the tent. He was lost and he had no one to live with. He was staring at the tent like a picture. Nothing could help cause he can't do this anymore so he felt like he was losing all the faith in the lord so his tears were starting to pour."

Story 2- Saturn summary
"The day Saturday is also named after him Saturn has been observed in the night sky. Galileo was the first to observe with a telescope in 1610. Even if saturn was not discovered it will be out there."

Story 3 -
"The funnel web spider

The funnel web is the most scariest and deadliest most spider in our southern hemisphere.

Its fangs is about 1 centimeters its per size. The funnel web hides in its tunnel till it pray trase by for a nasty treat.

A drop of a feneam could kill a person within seconds."

He is making an effort to do more maths, as we are doing fractions and that is something he is not confident with. I am finding that he doesn't want to do it, I'll make him do one or two problems, he realises he does understand it, then is happy to continue by himself. It's as if he has this wall up that I need to tear down every-time something new is introduced. So far, this has worked so all good.

Kian - managing self
This week Kian got new glasses, I am not sure how this will go as I have to force him to wear his hearing aids and he is absolutely sure that people will tease him, even though nobody even notices. I hope that because Ryan and Kian both are getting glasses at the same time, that they will both wear them. There is a third student who needs them as well. Kian is challenging himself to read the same books as Paul, which are a little out of his reach. I admire him for trying, even though he isn't quite there yet!. I need to work on how to get Kian engaged in maths, as when we do whole class or half class stuff, often it is too difficult for him. At the same time, he won't do stuff by himself. So I either need to have a group taken out just so he will do it, or ?? Idk.. Food for thought.

Paul - relating to others/participating and contributing.

Paul as well has been challenging himself to read harder texts. He has loved being in a reading group for the past few weeks and although sometimes can't read the text independently, can listen to others read and follow along enough to get the main ideas. Being in a group with his friends has really changed the way he participates, because he isn't the fastest/smartest one now, so needs to really think and work hard. He can feel safe to say whatever he thinks because the group is made of his close friends, who he knows won't tease him for his broken English or if he is a little off track.

I want to keep him in reading groups, but still need to get him reading at his own level and above.

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