Friday 15 April 2016

End of Term 1 - reflection and next steps

Today marks the end of Term 1, 2016. I have had many congratulations this week for surviving my first term, without any sick days as well!

It had been an awesome journey thus far, I have learnt an incredible amount and feel as if I am a different person now then I was at the beginning of the term.

There are some things I personally feel I need to work on next term, which include
-using more DATs to get a bigger shift with my learners 
(I feel like I focused a lot this term on settling in, getting used to the school, building relationships etc that I didn't push my students as much as I could of)
-being more pro-active with my university readings 
(as I have really let this slip this term and have been doing them at 11pm the night before, or during lunchtime the day of class)
-doing more things for me 
(I have stopped going to dancing and no longer have anything I do just for 'me')

As I have been reflecting on my journey this term, I also wanted to see what my students thought about it.
I sent them a Google Form which they filled out. The questions were mostly about their own learning and responses to what we have learnt and what we will learn next term, but I added two questions just for my own interest. Here are their responses...

Ah, the honesty of children...
I thought it was interesting that they said they wanted me to read with them more, because I did at the beginning of the term and it seemed to be boring for them.. Yet they want it. So, reading from a novel everyday it is!

One student said 'explaining to us the meaning of the problem'. This is something I am already working on, and talked to the students about how I need to get better at this with their help (see here). But I am glad that he pointed this out so I don't forget - I'm not accountable just to myself anymore, my students want to see my progress too!

I also love that one student said 'she can get better at learning more and more'. This reflects how I have encouraged a growth mindset with my learners and been open about how I am a learner in our team as well as they are! Yay for culturing a positive learning culture.

Time to take a wee break before really knuckling down next term!

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