Friday 13 May 2016

Digital Immersion - day 12 - Create! (post #2)

As part of our CREATE focus today, we had to create a movie of some kind explaining our teaching as inquiry, 

To create mine, I used the inspiration of RSA Animation on Youtube. I have seen these before but never thought I was good enough at drawing to make one, but I went for it anyway.

Hope you enjoy. 

The 4 minutes you got to experience, was actually half an hour of planning, 7 minutes of filming, 2 hours of trying to get the footage off my cell phone onto my laptop (what a nightmare!), ten minutes of editing and a song stolen off Youtube.
Could you tell? Hahaha. Never...

Whilst waiting for my video to upload from my phone, I had the opportunity to help some of my colleagues and friends with their movies. Turns out, I do know stuff about digital tools for teaching and learning haha.. 

Creating this video showed the process, Create-Share-Learn,  again, non-linear
 (see previous blog for more detail about this comment.)
And I actually had a lot of fun making it! Yay for trying new things..

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  1. I love the way this video came out! Thank you for helping me make mine.


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